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Here are some of the Team USA Missions Groups that have come to Jamaica,
since we have been doing missions from 2007 - current.

If you are interested in a life-changing missions trip please email us.

 Time is of essence & what we do we must do quickly!

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AUG. 2017 TEAM USA - Full Gospel Temple Mens Group - Jonesboro, LA - "OPERATION RENOVATION"

AUG. 2017 TEAM USA - Waynesboro First Assembly -               Waynesboro, MS - "OPERATION RENOVATION"

2017 TEAM USA 



Pastor Joel & Mauri Sneed, Tucker & Josie

Sommer & Caroline Smith, Kyler Henderson,

Shasta Broadway, Theodis Johnson, Tina Sessions, Wes & Misty Stevenson, Dana Bollier, Seth Hoyle


August 2016

Pastor Glen Mead, Pastors Joel & Mauri Sneed, Pastors Joey & Kisha Swinnea
Shaun & Beth Barrow, Ericka & Cole Barrow, Lauren Hamel, Amelia Purvis
Tiffany Jones, Alissa Overstreet, Tiffany Herridge & The Torbert Trio

Bro & Sis. T & Benjamin, Pastor Glen Mead, Bro. Frank Flores

December 2015

November 2014

Pastor Glen Mead, Bro. Frank Flores
Bro. T & Bishop Harvey

November 2013

June Henderson, Sissy Arnold
Candace Flores, Saralisbeth Swinnea
Sarah Chase. Ronnie Jarman
Pastor Glen Mead & The Torbert Trio




Sissy Arnold, Javier DeLeon, Bro. T
Pastor Steve & Minister Del Edwards
Chris Coleman, Sis. T, Bro. Cory Brown
Steven & Israel & Benjamin Torbert


May 2012

Bro. Mike Arnold, Sis. Vikki Arnold
Pastor Mark Swinnea, The Torbert Trio
Bro. Greg Ashworth



December 2011

Sissy Arnold, Justin Sullivan, Haley Nance
Pastor Glen Mead, Rachel Arnold
The Torbert Trio, TJ McLain
Rebecca Arnold, Derrick Conway & Ron Jarman



December 2010

Pastor Joey Swinnea
Bro. T
Pastor John Byerly



May 2010 - School of Christ

Sis. Judy Williams, Sis. Shelia Dunn
Sis. Mary Peoples, Sis. Rachel Clothier
Bro. T



May 2010

Sis. Bobbie Matthews, Sis. Ashley Matthews
Sis. Judy Williams, Sis. Shelia Dunn
Sis. Rachel Clothier & The Torbert Trio



August 2009

Sis. Sissy Arnold
Sis. Leslie Arnold


April 2009

Pastor David Holt
Bro. T
Evangelist Ron Jarman



March 2007

The Torbert Trio, Tommy Hammond
Colby Lisenby, Blake Goodwin
Brandon & Amanda Laudell
& Elaina Brown-Tucker



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